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Formulating Durable Transportation Coatings

Explore the wide array of transportation coatings available from Aqueous Guard. Specialising in transport coatings, we serve a wide range of operators and clients throughout the UK and internationally. Specifically designed for the transport industry, our durable, long-lasting coatings are suitable for various vehicles, including trains, buses, planes, and helicopters. Get in touch with our team today to arrange a free small trial or a larger paid trial to show the benefits of our coatings.

Benefits of Coatings

Exterior Surfaces Interior Non-Porous Surfaces
- Speedier Cleaning, Reducing Downtime

- Maintains a High Gloss

- Prevents Staining

- Creates a Harder, More Flexible Surface

- Able to Withstand High and Low Temperatures (from +300°C to -90°C)

- Withstands Harsh Chemicals, Even De-Icing Fluids

- Graffiti Removed Easily

- 12-Month Warranty

- Suitable for a pH Neutral Wash, Rather than Harsh Acidic Solutions

- Protection against UV, Exhaust Staining, Saltwater Damage, Oxidation, Acid Rain, and Pollution
- Prevents Staining

- Reduced Maintenance

- Protection from UV Light, Soap Scum, Scratches, and Acidic Food and Drink

- Easier to Clean

- High Gloss

- No Aggressive Cleaners or Chemicals Required
Interior Textiles and Leather
- Prevents Staining

- Simple Application

- Easier Cleaning

- pH Neutral

- Water-Based

- Antimicrobial Option Available

Fire Testing

With an HL1, HL2, and HL3 approval, Aqueous Guard® Rail can be applied to surfaces both overground and underground. For more detailed information about our fire-tested coatings, please get in touch with our team.

Rail and Bus Coatings

When protecting trains and buses, there’s no room for compromise. Aqueous Guard® Rail is suitable for both exterior and interior surfaces, protecting against dirt and stains ranging from bug splatters to marker pens. Whether your transport is a new build or a refurbishment of an existing train, this coating is applied to all surfaces, including:

  • Roofs
  • Exterior Bodyshells
  • Glass
  • Bogies
  • Under-Frames
  • Below Solebar Equipment
  • Interior Surfaces

Providing a top-performing, innovative ceramic coat, this product is widely used by locomotive and bus operators. The coating is designed to protect assets against the harshest conditions, and tests confirm that no competitors’ coatings outperform ours for gloss retention and impact resistance.


This means your vehicles spend more time in operation and less time being retouched and refinished. Combining superior durability with consistent premium quality, Aqueous Protect covers all your needs.

Health & Safety Benefits

The high-gloss finish of this coating helps reduce the amount of time spent on polishing carriages where a simple clean will suffice. What’s more, this improves health and safety, with maintenance crews spending less time working on and around carriages and tracks.


We understand the challenges and importance of maintaining a graffiti-free surface, which is why we provide an anti-graffiti ceramic clear coat to help you protect your surfaces. The clear coating has excellent cleaning properties to both paint and glass, making any graffiti easy to remove in an instant. As well as combatting graffiti, this resists dirt, airborne contamination, acid rain, diesel soot, oils, and chemicals.

Glass Coatings

There are several benefits to using Aqueous Guard® Glass Coat on the windows of trains travelling at high speeds. First and foremost, the highly hydrophobic coating removes rainwater instantly, keeping the windscreen clearer. External studies have proven that hydrophobic coatings increase the reaction time and decrease fatigue for train operators.

Aviation Coatings

Aqueous Guard® provides quality services and specialist applications for clients in various sectors, including the helicopter market and private and commercial aviation. We provide aviation coatings that have been thoroughly tested by certified independent organisations. This means our coatings are suitable for various aircraft, including Boeing and Airbus.


The advantages of our aviation coatings include:

  • Prevents Pitting on Leading Edges
  • Maintains the Gloss on Aluminium and Stainless Steel
  • Reduces the Need for Frequent Polishing, Reducing Costs and Time on the Ground
  • Applied by Specialist Aviation Engineers and Applicators with Years of Industry Experience
  • Keeps the Aircraft Looking New
  • 1 Year Guarantee Available for Applying Business Jet Coatings

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Superior Transport Coatings

Our transportation and aviation coatings are unparalleled in durability and appearance.

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