When protecting vessels, there is no room for compromise. That's why Captains, Refinishers and Management Companies trust Aqueous Marine Guard for a top performing innovative ceramic clear-coat that is designed to protect assets under the harshest of conditions, so your assets spend less time undergoing maintenance and more time out at sea.

The science of the Coating

Aqueous Guard quickly and effectively penetrates into surfaces to seal microscopic cavities, leaving a shiny smooth surface that is highly resiliant to stains. The coating is harder that the paint it seals and improves scuff resistance from general washing.

Benefits of Coatings

Exterior Surfaces Interior Non-Porous Surfaces
- Speedier Cleaning, Reducing Downtime

- Up to 2 year warranty

- Removal gel available

- Creates a Harder, More Flexible Surface

- Prevents soot and exhaust staining

- Withstands Harsh Chemicals, Even De-Icing Fluids

- Retains original high gloss

- 12-Month Warranty

- Suitable for a pH Neutral Wash, Rather than Harsh Acidic Solutions

- Protection against UV, Exhaust Staining, Saltwater Damage, Oxidation, Acid Rain, and Pollution
- Prevents Staining

- Reduced Maintenance

- Protection from UV Light, Soap Scum, Scratches, and Acidic Food and Drink

- Easier to Clean

- High Gloss

- No Aggressive Cleaners or Chemicals Required
Interior Textiles and Leather
- Prevents Staining

- Simple Application

- Easier Cleaning

- pH Neutral

- Water-Based

- Antimicrobial Option Available

Why choose Aqueous Guard for exterior coatings?

  • Up to 2 year warranty
  • Speedier cleaning, reducing downtime
  • Maintains a high gloss
  • Prevents soot and exhaust gas staining
  • Creates a harder surface, yet flexible
  • Removes the need for frequent polishing
  • Withstands harsh chemicals
  • Cleaning can be carried out with just water and mild soap
  • Specialist certified application partners to ensure a hassle free service from start to finish
  • Removal gel to easily remove the coating if needed

Aqueous Guard Metal Coat


Thin ceramic top coat to prevent chemical attack and staining on stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium and brigt works.

Creates an easy clean, high gloss surface, and protects from damage from UV, diesel staining, salt water, oxidation, acid rain and pitting

Aqueous Guard fabric and leather coat


Impregnating polymer coating to prevent staining and creating a water beading surface for fabric and leather surfaces.

Developed and tested to protect fabric and leather from spillages, even those with harsh stains such as red wine.  Water and liquids simply bead off of the surface, leaving no residue, making it the ideal solution for all textiles.

Aqueous Guard marble coat


Durable hard ceramic clear coat to stop chemical attack and staining, whilst increasing gloss and depth of colour.  Designed for Marble, Granite and other polished stone.


Protects against UV, acid rain, salt water and acidic food and drink.

Aqueous Guard glass coat


There are several benefits to using Aqueous Guard® Glass Coat on the windows of vessels.  First and foremost, the highly hydrophobic coating removes water instantly, keeping the glass clean. The coating also prevents degredation over time.


The thin liquid Si02 coating prevents chemical attack and water spotting, whilst increasing gloss, visibility and creating a stain free water beading surface.


  • 9 month warranty
  • Easy cleaning
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Protection against water staining, abrasion, salt and calcium

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